My ventures into the outside world...

From time to time I get bold enough to leave my workshop to visit new people or places. There are three critera I use to decied if an outside project is a wise investment of my time:

1) Is it “resume-able”? In other words – does it provide a networking or experience opportunity that I can say adds to my brag book? Or can I at least learn something?

2) Does it further the dark ride project? If it doesn’t, or worse yet, if it pushed back my schedule, then I should pass on it.

3) Does it pay well? Money is't everything, but it helps with goal number 2! If I am going to get side-tracked, It might as well add a few bucks to the bank.

I am always excited to talk about new opportunities and experiences, so if you have something that can add to my list, feel free to contact us.

Our Outside Project List:

William’s Grove Dante’s Inferno – A classic Pretzel dark ride that the Sinister Shadows Team rebuilt.

Morbid Manor – A walk-through haunted attraction I was lucky enough to help build a few props for.

Apple Automotive - A set of mannequins that are designed to stand on the top of billboards - and withstand winds of a tornado.


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