We can help you raise money!


Over the years we figured out that we love to help people as much as we like to entertain them, and if we can do both at once... It's a big win!

Right now, our biggest challenge is finding a facility that is capable of accommodating the haunted house ride and the volume of customers that it will attract.      



Here is where the opportunity for the right charity comes in: If you have a charity you are trying to raise money for, and have a big building with a lot of parking (or just access to one), we want to help you!

We need a "place" to get our ride established before we attempt to buy our own permanent location. And if you can help us with that, we can help you with the money.

The ride can be installed and removed from any location without creating any damage to the facility, and I will split any money raised 50/50 with the people helping me.

I have a lot of forecast / projection information I would rather not publicly post, so please contact us if you would like more information on this.

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