Sinister Shadows Haunted House Story

Sinister Shadows Haunted House Story

Postby sinisterSon » Thu Aug 25, 2011 6:56 pm

Story Board Art:

I am thinking of the following scenes (This is the biggest part) How many sketches we need for each scene is up to you and what I can afford. Why don’t you give me a price on a good number (two or three per scene) and if I need trim the budget down, we can discuss it then):

· Cue – the outside of the ride where people get on/off the ride. The ride cars going into the ride area. Maybe show the band as well. (I would still like to get a definitive plan on how I am going to re-theme the bots before I get you to draw them up… I’m open to suggestions here. Also, it’s safe to say we should agree on the look of the cars before we draw this part.)

· Scene 1: Forest Scenery, bright lights, blue skies. Plenty of cute little birds in this area… fake butterflies… little chipmunks, squirrels, all very friendly and warm. Maybe a character or two here of friendly people. (Side note, not sure how many characters I actually want – because when it come to the house – I don’t want there to be too many… if any. The “protagonist” in this story might not ever be seen. So I’d hate to have the first 10 minutes of the ride filled with characters, and the last part feel “empty” because there will probably be no characters in the actual house. I’m not sold on any one specific idea. Any thoughts?) The music in the area could be called “drive in the country” very up-beat and light. (think: )

· Scene 2: Dusk, the sun is setting. Fireflies are out and the mood is a little more dark. Music will be quieter…. More like music box… (think: ) This is where the car will come to a stop and you will meet the old man on the porch. He will tell you that there’s a “storm brewing” and it’s not a good idea to be out this far in the country all alone. He tell you that as long as you stay on the main road – you’ll get back to town in no time. You here the rumble of thunder in the background…..

· Scene 3: Storm rolls in. It is raining now (actually raining in the ride… not on YOU, but to the sides of the ride… wind blowing… maybe a few little drops might hit the people for effect.) The sky is dark and lightning is crashing everywhere. There is no music in this scene (at this point at least I can’t “feel” anything here.) the car is swerving as trees fall and the driver struggles to keep on the road. The car come to a blockade in the road… the bridge is washed out… the man tells you that there’s no way to get past… and you’ll have to take the side road.. He can’t tell you how to get home, but the road behind you is blocked with fallen trees and the bridge ahead is washes out… there’s nowhere to go but down the dark path…..

· Scene 4: Dark Forest.. As the storm passes, you are lost in the woods. The rumble of the storm is still in the background. The feel is more menacing. Eyes peer out from the trees… even the trees look more sinister. You hear dogs howling in the background. Everything is overgrown. Most of the light is from the headlights of your “car”. There will be bumps and pot holes in the road here…. Spider webs you feel as you drive through them…. The flutter of things close to you… The music here will be the set up for the next scene… as the scene ends… the music will sound like the first 20 seconds of this song…. ( ) as this scene blends into the next, you will be able to see you are approaching a large property surrounded by a fence and a graveyard)

· Scene 5: You have just driven through the graveyard gates. (Listen to the song again… but pay attention for the music from :36 to 1:33 – it is the “perfect feel” for this area) the sky is now clearing… you can see the moon and some stars. The graveyard is awash with a deep blue light. (side note: those are the blue lights I am experimenting with on my deck in my backyard.) there’s a lot of gothic gravestones… over grown and neglected trees and plants. There will be ghostly “wisps” here and there… very dimly lit shadowy figures that will keep the feeling there are things watching you. Eyes on the monuments and statues will follow you… some of the statues might turn to watch you pass… you see the house in the distance…

· Scene 6: The house. This is mainly a transition from outside to inside. There will be “bang doors” that you go through after you reach the top of the stairs. The incline in the area (lift hill for the car) will depend on the building. I am not 100% certain that we will be able to have the cars go “up stairs”… this may end up being a flat transition…)

House Scenes

These scenes do not need to be in any particular order, nor is my heart set on any one specific room idea. As you saw in my living room, I’ve been buying broken old antiques in preparation for the “house interior” scene. The basic idea of the house is that there will be a lot of movement in what would normally be stationary items… the house would “feel” possessed. Some of what I want to do is build realistic looking antique items (e.g. a sink / stove / furniture) but build the items slightly “askew” so that everything just looks odd. Door frames won’t be even on both sides… the floor might be tilted one way, and the ride cars tilted another….

There will be a significant number of “startle effects” in the area to raise the stress level of the riders. Things that pop.. things that jump or spark… depending on the condition of my budget at the time, this area will be where I can easily trim some of my expense down by adding more dark/black out area… and let the rider’s imagination do the rest.

This area is where I am hoping to use more of your “vision” than mine. With the feel of the ride and the music above, I am hoping you can come up with some ideas that I can run with… kind of opposite of what the first part of the ride. I am also open to any character ideas you might have… as I can easily build something or things for this area….

The idea is to keep things moving quickly in this area to get the anxiety level high. There’s not going to be a “leisurely stroll” through the house. The feel of the house should be that we’re in a hurry because we “shouldn’t be in there to begin with.”

· Foyer – maybe a suit of armor or two… grandfather clock…. You notice the flickering lights… swinging chandelier….

· Living room – Victorian furniture, fireplace, roaring fire with faces in the fire… portraits with watching eyes… maybe animals on the wall that move…

· Kitchen – old stove… more fire(fake!) and smoke… pots and pans banging… sink exploding… odd items on counter and on kitchen table…

· Hallway – some doors closed… some “bending” or banging…

· Master Bedroom – body/ skeleton in bed(?) candles still lit… (Again, I can animate almost anything… bed can lift off the floor… skeleton can sit up…ect)

· Nursery / Play room – lots of old toys… creepy old dolls that move to watch you as you go through… writing on the walls…. Burnt toys…

· Greenhouse – lots of broken / dirty glass .. plants that move… animals hiding…. Snakes spiders… etc. (Ok, how did we get in the greenhouse? I’m not sure. Maybe there’s a hole in one of the walls…. And we go outside and then back into the house..)

· Basement – This is another part that is “up in the air” because depending on the facility – I may not be able to actually have the cars go down a ramp. (remember when I said that the cars would be slowly going up a ramp from the very start of the ride? Well, that’s going to be a LOT of wood to cover the entire length of the ride, so I am prepared to settle for a similar effect. I may be able to have the cars go down a little “dip” while going over rumble strips… in the dark, it should get the effect of going down stairs.) The basement will be the grand finale of the ride. There will be a boiler about ready to explode… steam pipes bursting at the seams.. perhaps bugs and rats running for dear life… Perhaps this is where a “devil” like monster mike make it’s presents known… You head towards a wooden door or wall and break through… you emerge from the house… the sun is coming up and you are back in the woods (where you started.)


1) Old guy on porch w/dog

2) Road Closed / Construction guy

3) Unknown monster/devil/protagonist. “Master of the house”


1) Trees many different types.

2) Ride cars

3) Tombstones

4) House items… refrigerator, stove, bathtub, toilet, etc

Please leave comments or ideas below!
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Re: Sinister Shadows Haunted House Story

Postby sinisterSon » Thu Aug 25, 2011 7:02 pm

One idea would be having a couple (or one) skeleton or tomb or something that could be used to entertain people in the line.
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