Support and Donations Needed

Large amusement parks often seek sponsors for specific rides. This provides funds for the park to work with and the investor gets distinctive marketing. Since the scope of our project has grown beyond our original intent, we had to re-evaluate our position on funding this project completly on our own.

 In September we were approached by Crimso, a new crowd-funding business that will be bringing some innovation to the fundraising industry. 

Sinister Shadows was lucky enough to be one of the first projects Crimso will spotlight when they open on October 1, 2013!


Please visit our Crimso Project Page (click here) and become part of the Sinister Shadows Project.


If you can’t help with a donation –  just share this link or our project with as many people as you can... The positive energy generated by people just visiting our webpage or sharing our links carries as much weight as money sometimes.


Thank you for your support, Chris Giffen


Any donation is appreciated! Just Click... , or visit  !
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