The Dark Ride: While investigating the possibility of building my own dark ride - I learned that any newly constructed ride would have to pass a huge approval process to be operated in Pennsylvania...something a lone individual has little chance of doing.

I also learned that older rides are "grand-fathered" into a rule for classic rides that makes them approved for use in Pennsylvania as long that the pass the basic safety inspections.

The upper left photo is of cars from a ride called La Cachot. The ride operated in Kennywood from 1954 till 1998 (and the cars still looked like new.) The top right picture is of the same exact cars when I rescued them from Bushkill park after sitting outside in the elements for two years.

These rides were not sought after by collectors like carousel horses or bumper cars, so that made them very affordable. But it also made (what was left of them) very neglected. What followed was an education in the ride that changed the world - and still continues to be the future of this industry, and me becoming the world's largest hold of these rides.

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